Mindfulness Space offers mindfulness training for staff development.

Your staff will learn practical mindfulness skills and techniques to help them navigate stress and bolster emotional resilience.

After each session, employees feel energized and purposeful. Taking a break from the everyday to reflect on their own development and wellbeing helps invigorate your employees’ workplace morale.

How can employees benefit from mindfulness training?

Employees who feel connected to their work and their teams are happier and more productive. Self-awareness helps foster connection and patience with others who may also be going through stress.

Mindfulness training teaches employees how to:
  • Reduce levels of stress and anxiety
  • Develop greater self-awareness
  • Manage their own effectiveness and wellbeing
  • Cultivate corporate culture
  • Focus on specific tasks

How can mindfulness training help teams who depend on each other?

A well-performing team lifts other teams. A focused and relaxed approach to challenges is contagious. Employees often look to other teams for how they are dealing with change.

Mindfulness training teaches teams to:
  • Build resilience during changes and restructuring
  • Become clearer communicators by actively listening to each other
  • Make rational decisions as a team
  • Be aware of the impact of their responses on those around them

How do workplaces benefit from mindfulness training for employees?

A successful workplace is one in which the culture remains stable despite inevitable changes.

Mindfulness training helps employees to:
  • Foster a supportive environment
  • Use their skills to help themselves and others deal with stress
  • Gain perspective on challenges
  • Feel more connected with their colleagues
  • Demonstrate a positive relationship with the organization

Mindfulness Space offer one-off workshops (either one or two-hours long), or a program of one hour per week for four weeks. Everyone from leadership teams to individual team members can benefit from mindfulness training.

For more information on how corporate mindfulness training can help your organization, call (514) 360-7205 or contact us.

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