Mindfulness Spaces offers leadership training for executives, managers and senior staff.

Mindfulness leadership training is a highly effective, proven and practical way of increasing empathy and reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Achieving results depends on a leader’s self-awareness, and the ability to make rational decisions and connect with teams. Mindfulness training helps leaders gain perspective and deal calmly with change.

Sessions can be built into individual leader’s development programs, or as top-down management of wellbeing programs for employees.

How can leaders benefit from mindfulness training?

Mindful leaders know that organizational success comes from individual performance. Leaders who nurture their self-awareness skills are able to unleash high performance, productivity and innovation for themselves and others.

In corporate mindfulness training, leaders learn how to:
  • Reduce levels of stress and anxiety
  • Build a greater level of awareness of the corporate environment
  • Create organizations that thrive and flourish
  • Lead a purposeful corporate culture
  • Make collaborative decisions
  • Align to personal and organizational values
  • Improve their own performance

How can employees benefit from their leaders doing mindfulness training?

Corporate culture starts from the top. Employees look to their leaders for examples of how to behave. Seeing leaders make calm, rational decisions put employees at ease.

Mindfulness training for leaders shows employees:
  • Top-down example setting
  • Appropriate and productive responses to stress
  • The benefits of calm decision-making
  • Leaders who are open to growth and new perspectives

How do workplaces benefit from mindfulness training for leaders?

Corporate resilience is built through an organization’s ability to adapt to change. Mindful leaders are able to realign tactics to strategic priorities, no matter how the environment changes.

Organizations benefit from mindful leaders who:
  • Lead teams who are more flexible to change
  • Retain talented employees
  • Increase employee satisfaction by leading by example
  • Nurture client relationships and corporate reputation

Mindfulness Space offer one and two hours long workplace mindfulness workshops.

For more information on how mindfulness training for leaders can help your organization, call (514) 360-7205 or contact us.

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